You can enjoy all regular chat`s functionalities with more than one friend at a time! Bring all your friends together!

Having a party tonight? You want all your friends there? Create a conference, add friends, then start sharing the news! You can add up to 100 people in a Conference Chat! Plus, you can have conference voice calls with up to 9 people.

You can share your location, share photos, audio messages, voice messages, videos, emoji, stickers, doodles or any type of files no matter the size! And you know what? It`s all encrypted!

Press Conference button and start adding the friends! There have to be at least 2 friends to create a Conference then, you can add up to 100! Choose a significant name and a profile picture for you Conference!
The owner of the conference can set 4 members as conference admins.

Search in conference IDs, names, words, phrases. Just type the word and as a result you will see every place in the app where that word or phrase appears.

Enjoy the same functionalities as Regular Chat!
Send photos directly from Camera, then send it compressed by default, or choose send file in the actual size ! You can also add a message below the photo!

Record and send video messages straight from the app, then share it to your group! There is no size limit!!!
Send audio message! with no size limit!
Share images from Gallery image compressed by default, or in actual size!

Share your location, share Contact Info, send doodles or files no matter the format or the size!!!

Room Chat

How can you put 250 people in the same room?
Create a Room Chat!

Same as conferences, but having more features, Room Chat is the best way to share common interests with people!
Are you a big football fan? Create a Room for other fans to join it, then you can go to a match together!
Each room chat is going to be unique in the entire system and all the topics will be kept into the system until the subscription expired.

How does it work?

reate your own room by tapping on "create own room". Choose a unique Room name,
that can only contain alphanumeric characters (0-9, a-z) and special characters (i.e. underline, dash, dot).

Conference Chat and Room Chat are created on the same principles and characteristics of Regular Chat, focusing on providing a super-fast, simple and secure experience for the users.
Onechat’s constantly expanding platform will continue to provide exciting new experiences and convenience for you!