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onechat offers you the possibility of finding new friends or the existing ones in places you would`ve never thought about!

You can stay in touch with nearby people by having Onechat connection on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi!
When connected to a Wi-Fi network you can see every Onechat user that is also connected to that network. Even you can create a network, by making your phone a hotspot! You can chat with people that are not in your friend list without sending friendship request! It`s that simple!

Local Chat uses Wi-Fi, yet an internet connection is not needed, because we also use Bluetooth, creating a local network between the compatible devices that are near to each other. You can use Onechat to send messages that will not imply extra costs from your mobile services provider. Basically, you can use Local Chat whenever you have no internet connection, your mobile data coverage is poor, or you just don`t want to use SMS message or other apps.

You can fully enjoy Onechat and stay tuned with anyone who also has Onechat installed on their device even when you are, for example, using the subway where internet connection, Wi-Fi or mobile data might be poor or optional.

Meet new people and enlarge your group of friends using Local Chat!
Messaging has never been so easy and fun! Join us and chat like you never did before!

How does it work?

For the first time, there are no boundaries!
Local chat becomes possible by inviting the most reliable mesh networks that can connect all existing mobile platforms, even iOS for sending and receiving chat messages.

All smartphones that have Onechat installed could be a part of that network. The more users are connected to that network, the more it can expand, allowing more and more users to chat.

We've been contentiously improving our devices` coverage in order to have a larger variety of devices that can connect into the Offline messenger. For reaching that goal we used all possible gateways such as Bluetooth, Wi-fi and Direct hotspot on devices.

You can enjoy Local chat since Registration.
You can choose whether you choose going online, or offline.

Missed it? Don`t worry! You have an offline button you can
press whenever you want! Or go to settings.

If you connect to a Wi-fi network, this Public Room page will be displayed, and you will be able to see every Onechat user that is also connected to that Wi-fi network, even if they`re not in your contact list. Even more, you can start a conversation with any of the users without friendship request.

Choose Join a network and you will connect to a Wi-fi network that was already created by another user.

If you choose Create a network you will be able to create a network and let other users join you for local chat.

As you know, you can use Onechat even without being connected to the internet. That`s because you can use Bluetooth. Tap the Bluetooth button and you create a network that your nearby friends can join.