Always unique, always amazing, always you!

Discover custom IDs and create your own!

ID is all about you! Start your journey in Onechat by sharing it. People can easily search or add you by ID.

You can choose any word you want or you think it describes you the best, but hurry! Get your own ID before anyone else gets your desired one. ID is forever! As long as you do not deactivate your account, your ID will be available! No more losing contacts when losing phone, changing phone or changing phone number! All the information you provided to us is kept in one place, your unique ID!

One ID is more than a display name! It gives you access to a place with numerous possibilities of being connected with people! You can see in your list the friends you added by phone number or only by ID. For the Onechat users you already had in your contacts, the display name will not change, so you will be able to find them in the same form you`ve had saved.

You will be able to easy recognize the friends you added by ID, because they will appear in your contact list with @followed by ID.

How does it work?

In order to use Onechat you have to provide a valid ID and password.

You can freely create your ID, except you cannot use names of brands, trademarks, celebrities, cities, countries, religious signs, abusive names or words. If you try to create a not allowed ID, the automatic message “This ID is abusive/taken” will be displayed. When choosing inappropriate or abusive words for your ID, you risk having your account deactivated or terminated.

ou can organize your contacts by category or in alphabetical order. Your privacy is important to us, so we let you be the one keeping your contacts under control. Onechat manually authenticates contacts to evade a man-in-the-middle-attack or spammers.

Choose your profile picture, add color to your ID, add people just by ID, or by phone number, ID is your gateway towards having fun with Onechat!