In order to start a Private chat with one of your friends you first have to send an invitation. When accepted, you can enjoy Private chat experience!

We bring out self- destructed messages!
Messages will disappear on both sides in a matter of seconds!

By default, all conversations in Onechat are encrypted, but there is an ultra-secure communication line called
Private Chat that has an extra encryption process.
All messages are fully encrypted by end-to-end RSA keys and have a self-destructed timer. Messages will be destroyed on both sides, so after your friend reads the message he/she will no longer be able to read it again after the timer has reached zero.. That means everything you share on Private Chat will remain just between the two of you!

We really care about your privacy, so even when you leave the Private chat conversation page, all the messages will disappear and you need to send another Private chat invitation to your friend.
This ensures your message is read by no one but the recipient and all evidence of the message is erased.

There is no resume!

It is important for us that you understand we do not read any of the messages sent through Onechat. This means that the encryption keys are stored only on the clients’ devices and no one, not even OneChat itself has access to them.

You choose! No more nosy people!

How does it work?

Top priority for Onechat is to provide the bulletproof messaging application against of all known security vulnerabilities which may exist in other messenger apps. Onechat uses a set of well-known cryptography algorithms such as RSA, AES-256, that is also customed to heavily encrypt all user`s data and activities. By having that, the only one who can read the messages is recipient which has the significant key to decrypt. Even Onechat servers couldn't read any messages.

Private Chat has an extra encryption layer, all messages are fully encrypted by end-to-end RSA keys and have self-destructed timer.

For making a private session, sender and recipient should be online by having a stable Internet connection and once any participant left the conversation another end point will be notified and session will be terminated.