Regular chat will become your favorite way of staying in touch with friends!

Use regular chat for sending text messages, photos, videos, emoji, stickers or drawing doodles!

Share location, send any type of files no matter the size!
Make high-quality encrypted video and voice calls!
Send audio messages, plus the all new Video Messages!

Onechat is the first app to introduce Video Messages. You can record video messages straight from the app, no size limit, then send it to your friends and have lots of fun!

For the first time you can send full size images through the app! Unlike other apps where the image is sent compressed by default, we let you choose! Send images full size or compressed!

It`s all about encryption! Forget concerns about privacy! No one except the recipient will ever read your messages! Besides, there is no cloud! Choose the people you chat with! We are the first to use friendship request, so say goodbye to spams or unwanted messages from strangers!

Have it all in ONE place – ONECHAT! It`s the best you can get!

How does it work?

he principles we followed when creating Regular chat were innovation, privacy and fastness. We wanted to bring out an app that responds to uses` demands.

Onechat is a fast, free and fully secure messaging application which is available for all platforms of smartphones. In order to protect user information and activities, Onechat uses cutting-edge technologies and algorithms such as comprehensive identity process and end-to-end encryption. Onechat uses a set of well-known cryptography algorithms, such as RSA, AES-256. These are custom in order to heavily encrypt all users` data and activities. By having that, the recipient is the only one who has the significant key to decrypt the message. Not even Onechat servers could read the messages.

Onechat is proud to tell it doesn't keep any messages into its servers. Once the message is delivered to the recipient it will be dropped from the servers. There is no archive!

It`s super-Fast! Onechat is the fastest messaging application constructed over a distributed infrastructure and based on a set of invitation for having significant custom protocols in terms of being reliable under the huge network traffic of a modern messaging application.

Tap on your friend`s ID and start chatting!

You can Buzz them to let them know you`re online and ready for fun!

Share! Share! Share! You can send photos to your friends… this button leads you to your phone`s camera! Tap cancel if you changed your mind!

Take a photo, then choose if you want to send that or not!

Great picture! You`re such an artist! Send the image compressed by default, or choose send file in the actual size!
Your friends will enjoy the photos it as much as you did! You can even add messages below the photo!

Big news!!! Now you can record and send video messages straight from the app! Tap the button then share your unique moments live! There is no size limit for video messages!!!

Too busy to type your messages? Record them! Tap Record , hold and talk!!! Release and send!That`s all you have to do! And there`s also no size limit!

Gallery lets you share those amazing images you already took! Remember you can send the image compressed by default, or in actual size!

Let your friends know where they can find you at the moment! Share your location!/
Share Contact Info by choosing!

Sending any type of files of any size is no longer a problem. Send files no matter the format or the size!

Say hello Doodle!!! You can freely draw and send colorful doodles through Onechat!
If you want to clear history or delete conversation, tap Settings